Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have a question not covered in the FAQ sections below, please feel free to reach out in the chat at the bottom right of the website, or email us at!

About Our Trees

How tall are the trees?

Our trees range in height from 5ft to 8ft. As these trees are a natural product, your tree may slightly vary in size than the height indicated. For example, a 7ft live potted tree will likely fall between 6’10” and up to but not exceeding 8’.

Our trees are measured from the bottom of the pot (living trees), or the bottom of the trunk (cut trees) to to the very tip of the tree. Most Christmas trees have a tip (called a terminal bud or leader) that is between 6” to 12” long. We include the tip in the height measurement to ensure your tree fits in your intended space.

How do I pick the right tree height?

We want you to be happy with your tree, and the best way to do this is to make sure you know what size you would like! Below are a couple of tips for determining what size works best for you:

Apartments: If you live in an apartment or condo, we recommend our 5ft live tree.

Ceiling Height: Most buildings are built to a standard ceiling height of 9-10ft. You can measure your ceiling height on an iPhone using the Measure app. Add some extra height to the tree if you intend to decorate the tree with a topper.

We measure to the top: To ensure the tree fits in your intended space and does not exceed the ceiling height, we measure our trees from the base of the pot/cut to the top of the tree. Please let us know in your order notes if you would like, or are able to accommodate, a slightly taller tree than ordered.

Find a Friend: Have someone stand where you intend to put the tree. Consider how tall they are, and then how much taller or shorter you would like the tree to be :)

Why can’t I order a live tree larger than 7ft?

Potted trees larger than 7ft become far too heavy to be transported easily. Additionally, larger trees have a much lower survivability rate after being replanted. 

How long can I keep my live potted tree for?

In order to offer your tree the best chance at survival outdoors after the holiday, we recommend you keep your live tree no longer than 3 weeks.

Why are your prices so much higher than what I would find at my local tree lot?

Our price includes more than just the Christmas tree. Evergrow offers live, locally sourced trees, with delivery, setup, pick-up, and re-planting or recycling the tree, all included in one price. Our cut tree option includes delivery with setup and pick-up as an add-on option.

Our customers see value in the all-inclusive option, and prefer this as an alternative to doing it all themselves during the busy holiday season!

Delivery & Removal

Will it be messy?

Our trees are delivered in specialized covers that completely wrap the tree during transport. Our drivers wear shoe covers while indoors, and operate dollies that are also equipped with wheel covers to prevent tracking any dirt into your home.

How much does delivery and removal cost?

Delivery, setup and removal are FREE for customers who purchased a live tree. For customers who purchased a cut tree, delivery is FREE and we offer setup and pick-up service for $65.

Do you offer delivery or pick-up in my area?

Our trees are currently available in the following areas in the Lower Mainland: Vancouver, North/West Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond, with a few select time slots available for service in Port Moody, Coquitlam and New Westminster areas.

See Delivery Areas

Why do you no longer service Victoria?

Unfortunately with rising fuel and labour costs, the delivery and removal services are becoming increasingly difficult to offer in areas with fewer orders across a large geographical area.

We may be able to offer our services in areas not listed in our delivery areas, in the future, if we find that there is enough demand to offer a limited schedule. If you are interested in our services in these areas, please email and let us know!

What happens if I miss my delivery or removal appointment?

We ask that you email us at as soon as possible if you are unable to be present at the delivery or removal address for any reason.

If you have already missed your appointment, our support team will contact you using the phone number and email you provided during checkout.

Your Order

Help! I need to change or cancel my order.

Please email us at for any changes to your order. We will do our best to accommodate changes up to 48 hours of your scheduled delivery as our schedule permits.

Cancellation requests made at least 7 days before your delivery date will receive a full refund. Cancellations requests made less than 7 days before your delivery date will receive a 50% refund. Cancellations requested within 72 hours of the delivery date will not be refunded and the order will be charged in full.

Replanting & Recycling

What happens to the live trees after Christmas?

Our live trees are replanted in various fields, parks, and yard across the Lower Mainland through our partnerships with local farmers and landscaping companies.

Some customers choose to keep and replant the tree themselves as a family tradition. That's great! If you would like to keep your tree, please let us know, and we won't schedule removal.

What happens to the cut trees after Christmas?

Our cut trees are repurposed into consumer products (like coasters!), and recycled for use as mulch and compost in agriculture and landscaping.