Care Instructions

A well-watered tree is a happy tree.

Being dug up, wrapped up, and whisked away into a new home can be a little stressful for our tree friends. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make the experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible for them:

2 cups of water a day
Our trees are thirsty! They're also Vancouver natives, so they're quite used to a wet and cold environment during the winter (let's face it, we all are at this point). Feel free to give them more than 2 cups if they're feeling a bit dry, it's quite difficult to over-water them so better to be generous with the watering.

Use cold water or ice cubes
Cold water will trick the roots into thinking it's still outside in the winter environment, and encourage the tree to go back to its winter sleep. If you have a large ice tray or an ice machine, give your tree a generous helping of ice cubes for best results. Simply place the ice cubes around the tree trunk in the pot, and let it slowly melt into the soil.

Keep away from heat sources
Heat is the number one enemy and arch nemesis for our trees. For a happy tree, ensure there are no heaters, fireplaces, lights, or other heat sources within 3-6ft of the tree. If possible, we recommend the use of LED lights rather than conventional incandescent bulbs, as they tend to emit much less heat than their counterparts.

Bonus TIP - Spritz with water to enhance the fragrance
If you have guests coming over or simply love the smell of a real Christmas tree, fill a small spray bottle with cold water and spritz the tree. The added humidity on the branches and needles will enhance the natural fragrance, and is a great trick to give it a quick boost.