Affiliate Program

Evergrow delivers live potted Christmas trees, and works with local farmers to replant them after the holidays. Since 2009, we’ve served over 3,000 customers across the Lower Mainland who love our sustainable, convenient, and apartment-friendly Christmas trees.

Each year, we partner with local businesses, influencers, and marketers through our affiliate program. The program is open to online and in-store partners, requires no shelf space, and all fulfillment is handled by Evergrow.

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  • A new & high demand product

    Our live trees are sustainable and considered potted-plants, making it compliant with strata by-laws and appealing to the urban market.

  • No hassle, no shelf-space

    We handle 100% of order fulfillment, delivery, pickup, and customer relations, making it a hassle free holiday product offering with strong earning potential.

  • Raise funds for important causes

    An option to donate your commission to support community organizations fundraising for environmental conservation and education.

A no-waste grocery store for no-waste Christmas trees

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