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9ft Traditional Cut Noble Fir - "Rudolph"

Size: 9 feet
9 feet
8 feet

The largest tree in our selection for the 2021 season, our 9ft Noble Fir - "Rudolph" is the masterpiece that always steals the show. At nearly one and a half times the standard ceiling height, Rudolph makes a statement and is impossible to ignore.  

Only 30 available for the 2021 Season!

Due to the extreme weather events this summer, there is an industry-wide shortage in the supply of trees with some retailers even importing their tree from the United States. 9ft Noble Firs are one of our most requested varietals, so we've sourced a limited batch hand picked and cut by hand by our team. Quantities are limited and you may notice some increase in prices, which reflects the increase in the wholesale prices of the trees. 

Update 12/02/2021: We have sourced 3 more!

Good news! We've been able to find 3 more Nobles and have made them available for purchase. 

Update 11/19/2021: We are sold out!

There is a small possibility that we will have a few additional 9ft Noble Fir's available later in the season. If you would like to join the waitlist, please email hello@evergrow.ca with the subject: "Add me to the 9ft Noble List".

About Noble Fir - 'Abies procera'

Noble fir trees are a beloved holiday tree species, featuring deep blue-green needles and cones that showcase trademark spikey bracts. In nature, noble fir trees are the largest varietals (sometimes reaching 260 feet tall), making them a great option if you're looking for an especially tall tree for an office building or two-story entryway.

Boughs of the noble fir are often made into wreaths due to its sturdy but flexible branches. Like with other cut trees, it's recommended that you cut a fresh slice off the trunk once you arrive home with your tree to allow it to absorb optimal water, and continue to water it every day.

Delivery & Pickup

All of our trees come with free delivery, setup, and pick-up, including the rental of a tree stand for cut trees.

You will be asked to select your preferred date and time to receive your tree at checkout. We offer 3 hour time windows for our delivery and pick-up appointments, as follows: 9am - 12pm, 12pm - 3pm, 3pm - 6pm, 6pm - 9pm. Please note that availabilities may vary based on your location.

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Care Instructions


DO keep your tree’s stand full of water. If the tree stand dries up, the sap will harden around the trunk and the Christmas tree will no longer be able to drink or absorb sufficient water through the hardened sap.  


DON’T place your tree next to your fireplace or heater. The last thing we want is a crispy tree, so let’s minimize any fire risk.