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Choose a location

Select the perfect site away from heaters and fireplaces, which will dry out the tree and turn the tips brown and crispy. Please clear this area in preparation for your tree. We provide a drip tray which will be placed underneath the pot. You may want to provide additional protection for your floor, in case the drip tray overflows.

Ice/Water your tree

We recommend that you use ice to water your tree. Add 1-2 trays of ice to your tree every second day, and distribute evenly over the soil. As the ice melts, the water has a chance to slowly soak into the soil around the roots. The ice also helps to keep the roots cool. If the drip tray fills up with water, you still need to water the tree. Remove the water from the drip tray first. Keeping your tree properly hydrated will help keep your tree healthy through the Christmas season.

Decorate your tree

Have fun decorating your tree as you see fit! We only ask that you do not use tinsel, flock or sprays as these are nearly impossible to remove and can damage the tree. Please use LED lights only as they are energy efficient and do not give off heat, which would dry out the tree. Or have the professional decorators from Fl├╝ff Designs in to create a designer tree for you and your family during the busy holiday season. Please contact them directly to obtain more information on this service. They can be reached at 604-876-3747, or

Maintain your tree

We ask that you do not trim your tree or feed it plant food. And don't forget to ice/water! Please note that some needle drop is normal.

Prepare to say goodbye

Please remove all lights and decorations from your tree prior to pick-up. Until next year!